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Introduction now holds over 2800 lyrics pages. These include songs written by, covered by, or in one way or another related to Bruce Springsteen. In the future I'll add sections in which the songs are sorted by album/period.

This work's origin goes back all the way to the early 80's when the first Bruce Springsteen lyrics file was produced. The file was called "Songs To Orphans" and consisted of 178 pages published in five sections over the course of a couple of years in the early 80's. It was published as a fanzine type venture over several issues, the last of which around 1984. Meticulous and detailed, it was the first of its kind and contained lyrics to every known unreleased Springsteen song at the time, and lyrics to the songs he 'gave away'. The whole project was overseen by Dan French, the editor of the UK fanzine Point Blank, and the actual transcribing work was done by three of Point Blank's regular contributors, Mary Speed, Alma Cooper, and Wendy King. The Springsteen community will forever appreciate their dedicated work which was much harder back in the days. The file is now available in digital format as free downloadable PDFs at Wild and Innocent Productions.

When the internet arrived, Springsteen fan sites emerged and it became much easier to publish Springsteen lyrics. "Songs To Orphans" was the scratch from which most Springsteen lyrics websites started. started as a personal lyrics archive copied from various sources on the internet, and hence all the inaccuracies here and there. But when the famous was no longer updated (and later shut down), I decided to build this website and started this never-ending and backbreaking task of re-editing, re-transcribing, and re-researching everything.

I kept the old lyrics that I got from the other sources and now I'm starting all over. I am trying to find as many new/undiscovered songs, alternative versions, and covers to include them. I am also in the process of updating everything I copied by re-transcribing the lyrics, correcting mistakes, researching the songs, and writing more detailed notes and background about them.

Lyrics with the "" icon next to the title are the ones I (and/or contributors to this website) revised or transcribed after listening to the corresponding audio. In other words, those are the lyrics that I didn't just copy and paste from elsewhere.

I hope you help me with the rest by sending me corrections, new lyrics, alternative versions, and song notes and info. You can contact me via the online form, or by email at . You will be credited of course, unless you don't want to. It's always preferable to specify the source of your information.

Thanks in advance,
-- Eddy Wehbe

Page last updated: 18 Nov 2009

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