It's one for the money and one for the show
I got one kiss for you honey so come on let's go
I didn't see it coming but girl now I know
It takes one for the running but two for the road

One thousand dreams whispered in the dark
But a dream's just a dream in one empty heart
It takes more than one to rev it up and go
So let's get it running, we're two for the road

Two one-way tickets and a diamond ring
Hell it don't matter what the rain might bring
Whoa, when this world treats you hard and cold
I'll stand beside you, we're two for the road

When you're alone my love'll shine the light
Through the dark and starless night
I'll hold you close and never let you go
C'mon now girl 'cause we're two for the road
Well it's two to get ready, babe, c'mon let's go
Me and you, girl, we're two for the road


Recorded at Thrill Hill Recording in Feb 1987. Released as B-side to TUNNEL OF LOVE in 1987 and included on the Tracks box set in 1998.

The TUNNEL OF LOVE / TWO FOR THE ROAD 7" vinyl was commercially released in 1987 in several countries. A Spanish promotional issue featured black and white picture sleeve. A rectangular-shaped looking picture disc was also released in the UK. The TUNNEL OF LOVE / SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN (live 12 Dec 1975) / TWO FOR THE ROAD single was released in the UK on CD5 and on 12" vinyl of limited edition of 10,000 copies that come in an unlaminated poster sleeve unfolding into the now classic image of Bruce in a suit, holding a bouquet of roses (info from the Lost In The Flood website). Check the photos below; hold the mouse over the images for description.

Played live only once on 01 Aug 2005 at U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH, during the Devils & Dust tour. It was the opener of the show and it was played on electric piano. Note that it was sound-checked the night before, on 31 Jul 2005 at Schottenstein Center, Columbus, OH, but not played during the show.

Track credits:
Bruce Springsteen - vocals, guitar
Recorded by Toby Scott
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain

From, about the 01 Aug 2005 show:

[...] First up, Bruce told the crowd that he opened with something obscure the previous night, and that he was gonna do it again. It was "Two for the Road," the "Tunnel of Love" B-side and Tracks cut, on electric piano.