Early draft

The E Street brats in summer
Flash down fire trails like angles
in a shuffle
Doing that lazy E Street shuffle

Little angel hangs at E Street goes
where all the riot squad goes
after a cheap hustle
the boys are still on the corner...

Little angel steps the shuffle
like she got no brains
in combat with phantoms
down on lovers lane
She drives all the club boys insane

As those summer nights
turn into summer dreams
the Angel picks up power
and he slips into his jeans
then they move on down to the scene

The teenage tramps do the E Street dance
and it's night, all Friday night

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The above lyrics are for an early draft of THE E STREET SHUFFLE, as found on a handwritten lyrics sheet auctioned in 2003. This draft is titled "E Street II" and has very different lyrics to what was later recorded and released.

Lyrics Sheet

In August 2003, a Bruce Springsteen handwritten lyrics sheet titled "E Street II" was auctioned on Heritage Auctions. It's handwritten in blue ballpoint on an 8.5"x11" ruled notepaper. It realized a final bid of USD 4,112.

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Thanks Pete Russell (Peteadmin at Brucebase).

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