Early outtake

One, two, three, four

Hey now, dada dada nana
Yeah yeah

I'm riding down Kingsley figuring I'll get a drink
Turn the radio way up loud so I don't have to think
Yeah I take her to the floor looking for a moment when the world seems right
And I tear into the guts, hmmm, of something in the night

Well you're born with nothing, and better off that way
Soon as you've got something they send someone to come and take it away
You can ride this road 'till dawn without another human being in sight
Yeah and everybody's gone, yeah, chasing in the night

Well nothing is forgotten or forgiven, when it's last time around
I got stuff running 'round my head that I just can't live down

When we found the things we loved, were crushed and dying in the dirt
We tried to pick up the pieces, and get away without getting hurt
Well they caught us at the state line, burned our cars in one last fight
And left us running burned and blind, hmmm, chasing something in the night


Page last updated: 03 Feb 2008


The above lyrics are for an outtake of SOMETHING IN THE NIGHT recorded in the Jun-Jul period 1977 at Atlantic Studios in New York City, NY.

The "Yeah and everybody's gone, yeah, chasing in the night" line is the main difference between this outtake and the album version.

Bootleg Releases

This early outtake of SOMETHING IN THE NIGHT appears on several bootlegs, including The Lost Masters Vol. 2 (Labour Of Love), Darkness Outtakes 1978 Vol. 2: The Way (Scorpio), and The Genuine Tracks (Scorpio).

Bruce Springsteen -- The Lost Masters Vol. 2 (Labour Of Love) [bootleg cover art] Bruce Springsteen -- Darkness Outtakes 1978 Vol. 2: The Way (Scorpio) [bootleg cover art] Bruce Springsteen -- The Genuine Tracks (Scorpio) [bootleg cover art]

Liner notes from The Lost Masters Vol. 2 bootleg:

At 3 a.m. on May 28, 1977, a final settlement was reached in the infamous Bruce Springsteen vs. Mike Appel lawsuit. Though details of the settlement were never officially released, a "supposed" amicable settlement had been reached and the parties were barred from ever suing one another again. Less than a week later, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band entered Atlantic Records' new studio in Manhattan to begin recording what would eventually become "Darkness on the Edge of Town."

With Jon Landau at the helm and engineer Jimmy lovine also participating, initial sessions seemed to proceed smoothly. Dave Marsh claims that the first evening saw Bruce lay down no less than twenty demos of songs he had written during the lawsuit, including the already performed live tracks "Rendezvous," "Frankie," "The Promise," and "Something in the Night," plus several tracks destined to wind up on "Darkness," including the title track, and other unreleased tunes such as "Don't Look Back." Indeed, Columbia was so confident that Bruce and Landau could record quickly that plans were laid for a holiday release of the new LP. This was not to be, as the sessions at Atlantic ran into trouble.

The June-August sessions at Atlantic began to deteriorate for a number of reasons. Apparently, Bruce was unhappy with the drum sound and the studio was not very comfortable, which was an important consideration when it became apparent that the sessions would be continuing for many more months. Eventually, the sessions relocated to the Record Plant, where "Born to Run" was made.

Liner notes from The Genuine Tracks bootleg:

With more than two years of new songs to draw from, the Darkness On The Edge Of Town sessions produced hours of unreleased material, much of it every bit as good as what made it onto the finished album [...]

The versions of SOMETHING IN THE NIGHT and RACING IN THE STREET included here are tougher than the takes that were included on the final album, and offer interesting examples of how Bruce would adjust the tone of individual songs in order to get the effect he wanted for the album as a whole.

Available Versions

List of available versions of SOMETHING IN THE NIGHT on this website: