Aram's cover version

Well I'm riding down Kingsley figuring I'll get a drink
And I turn the radio up loud so I don't have to think
And I take her to the floor looking for a moment when the world seems right
And I tear into the guts, hmmm, of something in the night

Whoa, well you're born with nothing, and better off that way
Yeah soon as you've got something they send someone to try and take it away
Well you can ride this road 'till dawn without another human being in sight
Hmm just kids wasted on, hmmm, something in the night

Whoa nothing is forgotten or forgiven, when it's last time around
And I got stuff running 'round my head that I just can't live down

When we found the things we loved, crushed and dying in the dirt
We tried to pick up the pieces, get away without getting hurt
But they caught us at the state line, and burned our cars in one last fight
Left us running burned and blind, hmmm, chasing something in the night

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

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The above lyrics are for Aram's cover of SOMETHING IN THE NIGHT. He recorded it in July 1996 at Kingsley Gardens Studio in Los Angeles and released it on the following Bruce Springsteen tribute albums:

Various artists -- One Step Up / Two Steps Back: The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen

2-CD - The Right Stuff (7243 8 59780 2 9) - USA, 1997
2-CD - EMI (TOCP-50377/8) - Japan - 1997

This is a various artists Bruce Springsteen tribute album.

Various artists -- One Step Up / Two Steps Back: The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen Sampler

CD - The Right Stuff (DPRO 70876-10927-2-1) - USA, 1997

This is a promo sampler compiling 10 tracks from the above tribute album.

Various artists -- The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen

CD - The Right Stuff (72438 56530 2 5) - USA, 2000

Track Credits

Aram - vocals, electric guitar and harmonica
Pamela Adams - acoustic guitar
John Wolf - drums
Matt Fitzell - bass
Produced by Aram
Mixed by Jack Porter, Sound of Atlantis
Recorded 7/96 at Kingsley Gardens Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Liner Notes

Liner notes from the One Step Up / Two Steps Back: The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen tribute album:

Since my feet could reach the pedals, "Something In The Night" has been my quintessential, "ridin' alone in the car at night" song. Since I've lived on Kingsley Drive, the opening line of this song has become my car mantra every time I pull onto my street. Thanks Bruce for making it OK to keep a messy mind.


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