Live 22 Aug 1976 version

Well I'm riding down Kingsley figuring I'll get a drink
I turn the radio way up loud so I don't have to think
And then I ease down on the gas looking for a moment when the world seems right
And I go tearing into the heart of something in the night

And I picked this chick up hitch-hiking, she hung her head out the window and she screamed
Said she was looking for someplace to go, to die or be redeemed
So you can ride this road 'til dawn, without another human being in sight
Cause baby everybody's gone looking for something in the night

Sometimes you gotta stop running, sometimes I wanna stop my fooling around
Somehow I got stuff running 'round my head, I can't live with or live down
She wants me to push this charger until the whole world disappears out of sight
And me and her, we could surrender to the justice of something in the night

Because nothing is ever forgotten, and nothing is forgiven
You just walk out on the street, trying to take all the heat that they're giving
And now it's just winners and losers, mumbling about some vague wrong and right
I don't understand it, oh, and kids like us, rumbling, girl, over something in the night

And now all them people out on the island, that'll lock their doors and take their children by the hand
And put on your black dress baby, because tonight the devil will walk these streets like a man
And I'm gonna bring along my switchblade in case that fool wants to fight
And he can meet us running out on the highway, chasing something in the night
Woahhh that something in the night
Woahhh that something in the night

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The above lyrics are for the live 22 Aug 1976 performance of SOMETHING IN THE NIGHT at Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA, during the Lawsuit Tour.

Ticket stub for the 22 Aug 1976 show at Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA
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This version is close to the live 01 Aug 1976 version that was used between 01 Aug 1976 and 25 Oct 1976.

As it is the case with the live 01 Aug 1976 version, this version's lyrics are very different from those of the album version.

This version varies from the live 01 Aug 1976 version mostly in the third and fourth verses.

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Thanks Jake (ol'catfishinthelake at BTX and Greasy Lake) for this version's lyrics.