Outtake version #1

With your killer graces and your secret places that no boy can fill
With her hands on her hips, well and that smile on her lips well she knows it will kill me
And soft French cream well she's a young boy's dream and all the girls want to rip her apart
Yeah, but French cream won't soften them boots and those French kisses they won't soften her heart
Well her smile that shines upon me, one that burns just like the sun
Whoah, she the one, she's the one, she's the one, she's the one
Hey! Now!

Well it was not distance and it was not length, right now that brought down the wonder girl
It was a date last night and a lovers fight well in a mixed up baby's world
Oh, and you were with me in New York the time we pushed real hard and baby I got beat
You ran and left me wastin', wastin' ohhh right there in the street
And ghosts like dust, little baby, that smile out on, you were born to run
Yeah she's the one, she's the one, she's the one, she's the one

And I hated your Ma, and I hated your Pop, hated the kids, we hated the cops
Hated the lies and I hated the truth that run us down
Most of all I hated her town, well one day babe, I hated the way they made us live
I hated him his fancy ways
And I hated you when you ran away
Oh! Oh she the one, oh, oh she's the one, oh oh oh she's the one, oh oh she's the one
Ha! Ho! Ha! Hey!

Now your back and you heard a late night corner where you hate me baby just like a child
Yeah back on your feet, come out into the street where all the danger runs wild
Yeah remember all the movies, all them movies, baby, that we'd go see
Trying to learn how to walk, talk, talk, run just like all the heroes we thought we had to be
And a smile that shines on me, one that burns like the sun
Oh, oh she the one, she the one, she the one, she the one
She the one, she the one, yeah, she the one, she the one, oh, huh, hey!
Whoah, she the one
Oh, oh, oh oh oh oh
Wa, uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
Hey, ha!

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The above lyrics are for a studio take of SHE'S THE ONE recorded in March 1975 at The Record Plant in New York City, NY. It's a rough extended workout featuring early lyrics, with some in the final verse later used in BACKSTREETS. This version can be found on several bootlegs, including Born In The Studio (Archive Productions) and War And Roses (E Street Records).

Bruce Springsteen -- War And Roses (E Street Records) [bootleg cover art] Bruce Springsteen -- Born In The Studio (Archive Productions) [bootleg cover art]

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Thanks Jake (ol'catfishinthelake at BTX and Greasy Lake) for the lyrics help.

Some of the above info about the studio recording is taken from Brucebase.