Everything I do - leads me back to you
See me standing in the acid rain
Full of existential pain
You can look for love so long
Until you're sure you'll never feel so good again
Then you came along
Like a angel, like a lover, like a friend
Yeah, everything I do
Leads me back to you

Well, I'm a man without a place
Sometimes afraid to show my face
Hear me humming in the night
When you turn out the light
They can blow my tires out
Till I'm filled up with nothing else but doubt
Still I'm rolling on my rims
Oh, baby coming back to you again
Yeah, everything I do
Leads me back to you

When I'm on the rise
When it's do or die
Oh, Lullaby
Would you take an alibi
If I said it was you and I
Further on ...
Cause it's everything I do
Everything I do
You know it's hard for a man to sing
When his pride blocks everything
You can have a way with words
When your thoughts they can't be heard
But don't take it the wrong way
Like half the things I ever tried to say
Well, I got my demons too
But my angels they're all cheering for you
Cause everything I do
It leads me back to you
Everything I do
It leads me back to you

By Elliot Murphy, from his 1995 album Selling The Gold. Bruce contributed in the recording of this track, sharing vocals with Elliot.

Elliott Murphy talking about the songs on Selling The Gold:

Everything I Do (Leads Me Back To You) is a complicated love song of sorts after finally realizing that to love another I must learn to love myself first. I wrote the song after listening to Lucinda Williams and admiring her sense of phrasing so much. Bruce Springsteen and I had done Rock Ballad together at one of his shows in Paris in 1992 and after 20 years of friendship it was the first time we sang together so I asked him to sing with me on this one because I thought our voices would blend well. He decided to sing that second verse without any prompting from me. I guess the "blow my tires out...rolling on my rims" imagery was irresistible.