Live 24 Nov 1996 version

[Spoken intro:] Thank you. Thank you. Oh, thanks, this was a blast tonight, I had a lot of fun (chuckles). Really a lot of fun, it's, uh, it's so nice that this lovely theatre is here, it's great to have a place to play here in town in Asbury. Uh... It's funny, when, uh, I, I guess I was about 18, and I first started to come out to, to Asbury Park in 1968. And, um, it was funny, you know, Asbury was always a little more open than most of the towns that, that, that sort of surrounded it, you know, and when I think for me and my friends, the E Street Band and, and many of the musicians who -- many of the musicians who, who sort of gathered here, you know, it was kind of our little, our little taste of the city, you know, it was a place where you could kind of come out and find yourself and, and play the music that you wanted to play, in, in a club or two at least, you know? Uh, even make a few bucks, you know? I think I met Davey Sancious, uh, and Clarence, Vini Lopez, Garry Tallent, Southside, Dan -- Danny, I met all of them right here in this town, you know? And, uh, there was a tremendous gathering of musicians here at that time and, and, uh, um, I mean, I wrote, wrote my first record there on Cookman and Main Street, on top of a beauty salon that used to be there (chuckles). Um, and, you know, we put our band together, and, uh, that took us around the world, and, and I really found friendships here that lasted me my whole life, you know, it's pretty amazing, really. Really. Met my wife here in a bar (laughs). But, uh, and I got a chance to see my kids running around in the theatre tonight, so that sort of brings it all 'round full circle. But, um, I guess all I'm saying is I'm glad to be able to come, come, come back to town and to play here in this theatre and it's a, treat for, treat for me, and, uh, I'll do this song I guess tonight, this is sort of a funny song, I guess this song was written kind of as a goodbye song, you know, many years ago, and, uh, I guess I was about to leave and I didn't know what, where I was going exactly or what to expect, or what was up ahead of me, but, uh, so it was kind of a farewell song, but it was kind of a love note too. It really was. So, uh, Danny, come on out, help me out, man (chuckles). Second verse, all right? (chuckles)

Yeah, Sandy, the fireworks are hailin' over Little Eden tonight
Forcin' a light into all those stoned-out faces left stranded on the fourth of July
Down in town the Circuit's full with switchblade lovers, so fast, so shiny, and sharp
Yeah, the wizards play down on Pinball Way on the boardwalk way past dark
And the boys from the casino dance with their shirts open like Latin lovers along the shore
Chasin' all them silly New York girls

Yeah, Sandy, the aurora is rising behind us
Yeah, the pier lights our carnival life forever
Well, love me tonight, for I, I may never see you again
Hey, Sandy, girl

Well, now the greasers, yeah, they tramp the streets or get busted for trying to sleep on the beach all night
Well, them boys in their spiked high heels, ah, Sandy, their skins are so white
Well, and me, I just got tired of hangin' in them dusty arcades and bangin' them pleasure machines
Chasin' the factory girls underneath the boardwalk, where they all promise to unsnap their jeans
And you know that tilt-a-whirl down on the south beach drag
I got on it last night and my shirt got caught
And that Joey kept me spinnin'
I didn't think I'd ever get off

Oh, Sandy, the aurora is rising behind us
The pier lights our carnival life on the water
Yeah, running down the beach with my old boss's daughter
Hey, Sandy, girl

Now, Sandy, well, the angels have lost their desire for us
Yeah, I spoke to 'em just last night, and they said they won't set themselves on fire for us anymore
Every summer when the weather gets hot, they ride that road down from heaven, on their Harleys they come and go
You see 'em dressed like stars in all those cheap little seashore bars
Parked, makin' love with their babies, out on the Kokomo
Well, the cops finally busted Madame Marie for tellin' fortunes better than they do
This boardwalk life for me is through
Yeah, you know, you ought to quit this scene too

Oh, Sandy, the aurora is rising behind us
Yeah, the pier lights our carnival life forever
Oh, love me tonight and I promise I'll love you forever
Hey, Sandy, girl
Hey, Sandy, girl
My, my baby
Hey, Sandy, girl

[Spoken outro:] Thank you! Thanks. Here's, uh, wishing you that the best is yet to come.

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The above lyrics are for the live 24 Nov 1996 performance of 4TH OF JULY, ASBURY PARK (SANDY) at Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ, during the The Ghost Of Tom Joad Solo Acoustic Tour. The song was played in an acoustic arrangement with Springsteen on guitar plus guest Danny Federici on accordion.

Ticket stub for the 24 Nov 1996 show at Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ
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This was the first of a three-night stand at the Paramount Theatre.

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