RAUNCHY is a 1957 instrumental by Bill Justis.

Original Bill Justis Version

RAUNCHY is an instrumental written by Bill Justis and Sidney Manker and produced by Sam Phillips. It was released by Bill Justis as a single in September 1957 on Phillips International Records, a sub-label of Sun Records.

Bill Justis -- "Raunchy / The Midnite Man"
Bill Doggett -- "Raunchy / The Midnite Man"

7" single - Phillips International (3519) - USA, 1957

Bruce Springsteen's Version

According to Patrick Humphries and Chris Hunt's 1985 book Bruce Springsteen: Blinded By The Light, "Tex Vinyard, The Castiles' manager, like [the instrumental] so much that he got them to include it into their stage performances, circa 1966.


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Available Versions

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