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Bruce Springsteen's official Sony website. Contains news, tour info, merchandise store, discography, and lyrics.
This is the domain Bruce wanted to get for himself. In November 2000, he filed legal action against Jeff Burgar which accused him of registering the domain "" (along with several other celebrity domains) in bad faith to funnel web users to his Celebrity 1000 portal site. Once the legal complaint was filed, Burgar pointed the domain to a Springsteen biography and message board. Burgar claims to be running a Springsteen fan club. In February 2001, Springsteen lost his dispute with Burgar. A WIPO panel ruled 2 to 1 in favor of Burgar.
Website for the legendary Backstreets Magazine. It contains magazine info, latest news about Bruce Springsteen and other Jersey Shore artists, tour info and setlists, shop for Bruce Springsteen and Jersey Shore artists releases and merchandise, and the Backstreets Ticket Exchange forum (BTX).

Point Blank Magazine
Website for the Point Blank Bruce Springsteen magazine. Point Blank is a Spanish magazine entirely dedicated to Bruce Springsteen, with exhaustive reports and articles about his music, recordings, tour, discography, etc... in both English and Spanish. The website contains info about the magazine, in addition to Bruce Springsteen news, tour calendars, online store for Bruce Springsteen related items (CDs, DVDs, Vinyl, T-shirts...)

Wild and Innocent Productions
UK Bruce Springsteen fanzine Point Blank was created in 1980 and existed for 10 issues in the eighties. In 2010, to mark 30 years down the road, the original paper copies are now available in digital format as free downloadable PDFs. The website also includes the Songs To Orphans lyrics file, in addition to The Best Seat In The House and Have You Heard The News? publications and more.

New Jersey Online
Bruce Springsteen dedicated section on the New Jersey Online website. Contains photo gallery, tour stories, and much more.

The Bruce Springsteen Special Collection
The Asbury Park Public Library houses what is believed to be the world's most extensive Special Collection devoted to Bruce Springsteen and his bands. The collection, dating from 1964 to the present, includes over 11,100 holdings in multiple formats: books, song books, tourbooks, magazines, fanzines, Internet articles, academic journals and papers, and comic books. This collection is intended to serve the research and informational needs of music fans, scholars, authors and others with a serious interest in Bruce Springsteen's life and career.

The Friends of the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection
Home of the support group for the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection at the Asbury Park Public Library; memberships are available.

Greasy Lake
Run from Denmark, this Bruce Springsteen tribute website contains news, discography, timeline, live shows setlists, lyrics, chords, and much more. But most importantly, it hosts one of the most famous and popular Bruce Springsteen discussion forums.

Stone Pony London
Home for the British Springsteen fans community, contains complete setlists database from The River tour till today, the famous SPL discussion forum, and more.

The Swamps Of Jersey
When the old Bruce Springsteen discussion forum on the Sony site got shut down, a whole bunch of users regrouped here.

Brucebase Wikispace
Info about all known Bruce Springsteen live performances and studio sessions. This is Pete's effort to continue where the old Brucebase left. Essential!
Website covering the history of Bruce Springsteen's early bands: The Castiles, Steel Mill, Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom, and The Bruce Springsteen Band. Contains interviews, eyewitness stories, timelines, lists of early bands members, concerts lists, photos, and a lot more.

Bruce Springsteen Movies
Website tagging a large number of Bruce Springsteen related YouTube videos.


Land Of Hope And Dreams
This French Springsteen fan website Contains lyrics to all officially released songs translated to French, setlists, concert statistics, and biographies. A press section summarizes Springsteen's career through a massive collection of US, UK, French, and German magazine articles, most of which are translated. The website is connected to the French Springsteen community forum. Each year a music award contest celebrates the best amateur Springsteen cover.

Bruce Springsteen Canada
Website for Bruce Springsteen's fans in Canada and around the globe. Contains discussion forum, setlists, news, tour info, and more.

Bruce Springsteen Badlands
A Portuguese fan website containing biography, discography, and more. Text is in Portuguese.
An Italian Bruce Springsteen fan website that has been online since 1996. Text is in Italian.

Bruce Springsteen Badlands
An Italian fan website conatining news, biography, discography, photo albums, discussion forum, and more. Text is in Italian.
A Dutch fan website that contains news, setlists, discussion forum, an more. Text is in Dutch.

Glory Days
A Swedish fan website in English. It has been online since 1996 and contains news, pictures, Rising and Reunion tours info, links, postcards, WAP access, Springsteen bands info, and more. Not updated since January 2005.


Lost In The Flood: The Bruce Springsteen's collector's page
Detailed information about and scans for collectible official Bruce Springsteen releases: singles and albums, commercial and promo, discs and tapes, vinyl and CD, 7" and 12", 3" and 5"... Also contains a Collector's News section. Essential!

Complete guide to:
- Springsteen Cover Song Discography
- Springsteen 7" Vinyl Cover Song Discography
- Springsteen Tribute Discs
- Springsteen Parody & Tribute Songs Discography
- Springsteen Parody Images
- Springsteen Guest Appearances Discography


A tracker for unauthorized Bruce Springsteen audio and video recordings.

A tracker for unauthorized Bruce Springsteen and other artists audio and video recordings.

Info about many audio recordings of Bruce Springsteen shows from 1969 to 1979.

Bruce Springsteen CD Brucelegs
Info about all Bruce Springsteen CD bootlegs that were released in the nineties. Contains tracks listing, scans, ratings, and much more. Unfortunately, the website has not been updated since February 2000.

Boss Tracks
A blog reviewing recent bootleg releases and songs Springsteen covered once the author traced them down on vinyl. Also includes a monthly pod cast and occasional Springsteen related reviews and articles written by fans.

A cooperative effort by a group of fans to keep a detailed account of the growing number of 'unauthorized' Bruce Springsteen DVDs. The website has not been updated for a while.
The largest Bruce Springsteen bootleg artworks archive on the internet.

mIRKO's Bruce Springsteen Trade And Artwork Page
Bruce Springsteen (and other artists) bootlegs trading page with CD and DVD bootleg artwork gallery.

Jim's Bruce Springsteen Trading Page
Trading page with CD bootleg artwork gallery. Not updated since Dec 2001.


Clarence Clemons
Clarence Clemon's official website.

Nils Lofgren
Nils Lofgren's official website.

Patti Scialfa
Patti Scialfa's official website.

Garry Tallent
Garry Tallent's official website.

Garry Tallent
A tribute page to Garry W. Tallent.

Little Steven's Underground Garage
Steve Van Zandt's official website.

Max Weinberg
Max Weinberg's official website.

Danny Fund
Danny Federici Melanoma Fund's official website.

Soozie Tyrell
Soozie Tyrell's official website.

Steel Mill Retro
Vini Lopez's Steel Mill Retro official website.

David Sancious
David Sancious' official website.


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