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Springsteen live
By Philip Kamin and Peter Goddard
Beaufort Books
Paperback – 1984 – USA
Springsteen: No surrender
By Kate Lynch
Bobcat Books
Paperback – 1986
Bruce Springsteen
By Marianne Meyer
Ballantine Books
Paperback – 1984 – USA
Bruce Springsteen
By Michael Stewart
Paperback – 1985 – UK
Bruce Springsteen: An Independent Story In Words And Pictures
By Roger St. Pierre
Anabas Publishing Ltd.
Paperback – 1985 – UK
The Boss - A Special Souvenir Tribute To Bruce Springsteen
By Mike Nichols
Paperback – 1985 – UK
Springsteen: No Surrender
By Kate Lynch
Bobcat Books
Paperback – 1986 – UK
Bruce Springsteen: The Boss
By Julia Edenhofer
Bastei Luebbe
Paperback – 1990 – Germany
Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s
By Dave Marsh
Hardcover – 1987 – USA
Backstreets - Springsteen: The Man And His Music
By Charles R. Cross
Harmony Books
Hardcover – 1989 – USA
The E Street Shuffle: Springsteen & The E Street Band In Performance 1972-1988
By Clinton Heylin and Simon Gee
Labour Of Love Productions
Paperback – 1989 – UK
Down Thunder Road: The making of Bruce Springsteen
By Marc Eliot and Mike Apple
Simon & Schuster
Hardcover – 1992 – USA
Down Thunder Road: The Making of Bruce Springsteen
By Marc Eliot and Mike Appel
Paperback – 1992 – UK
Promesses Brisées
By Ignacio Julio
Editorial La Mascara
Paperback – 1995 – France
Bruce Springsteen: Die Rolling Stones Fakten
Hannibal Verlag
Paperback – 2001 – Austria
By Bruce Springsteen
Virgin Books
Paperback – 2003 – UK
Bruce Springsteen: Die Rockstimme Amerikas
By Christopher Sandford
Hannibal Verlag
Paperback – 1999 – Germany
Springsteen: Point Blank
By Christopher Sandford
Warner Books
Paperback – 2000 – UK
Springsteen: Point Blank
By Chris Sandford
Da Capo
Paperback – 1999 – USA
The promise of Bruce Spingsteen
By Eric Alterman
Back Bay Books
Paperback – 2001 – USA
Springsteen Access all areas
By Lynn Goldsmith
Universe Publishing
Softcover – 2000 – USA
In His Own Words
By John Duffy
Omnibus Press
Paperback – 2000
Days Of Hope and Dreams: An Intimate Portrait Of Bruce Springsteen
By Frank Stefanko
Billboard Books
Paperback – 2003 – USA
Two Hearts: The Definitive Biography, 1972-2003
By Dave Marsh
Paperback – 2003 – USA
The Ties That Bind: Bruce Springsteen A to E to Z
By Gary Graff
Visible Ink Press
Paperback – 2005 – USA
Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run
Alfred Publishing Co.
Paperback – 2005
Greetings From E Street: The Story Of Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band
By Robert Santelli
Chronicle Books LLC
Hardcover – 2006 – USA
Bruce Springsteen On Tour: 1968-2005
By Dave Marsh
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Hardcover – 2006 – UK
For You: Original Stories And Photographs By Bruce Springsteen's Legendary Fans
By Lawrence Kirsch
Lawrence Kirsch Communications
Hardcover – 2007 – Canada
Bruce Springsteen
By Rae Simons
Mason Crest Publishers
Paperback – 2008
The Light In Darkness
By Lawrence Kirsch
Lawrence Kirsch Communications
Paperback – 2009 – Canada
Land of Hope and Dreams
By Greg Lewis and Moira Sharkey
Magic Rat
Paperback – 2009 – UK
Thunder Road
By Nick Hornby
Lead Graffiti
Paperback – 2011 – USA
Streets Of Fire: Bruce Springsteen In Photographs And Lyrics 1977-1979
By Eric Meola
It Books (978-0062133458)
Hardcover – 2012 – USA
By Peter Ames Carlin
Simon & Schuster UK
Hardcover – 2012 – UK
By Peter Ames Carlin
Simon & Schuster UK
Paperback – 2013 – UK
E Street Shuffle: The Glory Days of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
By Clinton Heylin
Hardcover – 2012 – UK
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